Article 1 – This seasonal contract is reserved to rental accommodations at Escapades Lointaines 1304 Chemin du Mas Llaro 66000 Perpignan – SIRET 824 541 346 00022.

Article 2 – Stay duration: The signatory tenant of this current contract concluded for a limited period under any circumstances won’t be able to claim any right in staying any longer in the place at the end of the stay.

Article 3 – Contract conclusion: The booking becomes effective once the lessee made sure that he sent to the owner a minimum deposit of 25 % of the whole amount of the rent and an exemplary of the signed contract before the date mentioned on the front page. The second exemplary must be kept by the lessee.
The rental finalized between the stakeholders of this present contract, cannot favor a third party by no means, natural or legal persons, unless written agreement of the owner.
Any infringement of this last paragraph shall be subject to cancel immediately the reservation to the harms of the tenant, the product of the rental remaining definitively acquired to the owner.

Article 4 – Absence of withdrawal: For the bookings made by mail, by phone or through internet, the tenant do not benefit from the withdrawal period, In accordance with the article L121-21- 8 of the French Consumer Code relating to, among others, the offering of accommodation services provided at a date or according to a periodicity determined.

Article 5 – Cancellation by the renter: Any cancellation has to be notified by a registered letter to the owner.
a) Cancellation before arriving in the places:
The deposit remains acquired to the owner who will be able to ask for the balance of the whole amount of the stay if the cancellation is made less than 30 days before the arrival date expected in the places.
If the tenant does not show up during the 24 hours following his arrival date mentioned on the contract, the current contract is no longer valid and the owner can dispose his lodging. The deposit is also acquired by the owner who will ask the payment of the balance of the whole amount of the stay.
b) If the stay is shortened, the price of the whole rental remains acquired to the owner. None refund will be done.

Article 6 – Cancelation by the owner: The owner refunds to the tenant the whole amount of the payments made, as well as the compensation at least equal as the one the tenant would have supported if the cancelation would have been made by himself at that date.

Article 7 – Arrival: The renter has to show up on the specified day and at the hour mentioned on the current contract. In case of late, or delayed, arrival, the renter must inform the owner.

Article 8 – Payment of the balance: The rental’s balance is made on the arrival day.

Article 9 – Inventory of places: An inventory is done collectively and signed by the renter and the owner or his representative ether at the arrival as at the departure of the guest room. This inventory represents the only reference in case of litigation regarding the inventory of fixtures.
The state of cleanness at the arrival of the tenant must be checked during the inventory of fixtures.

Article 10 – Guarantee deposit or security bond: At the arrival of the tenant, a security deposit whose amount is indicated on the back of this current contract is asked by the owner. After the contradictory’s establishment of the departure inventory of fixtures, this guarantee deposit will be refunded, deducting the amount of the cost of restoring leased premises if any deterioration has been made.
In case of early departure (before the time mentioned in this current contract) preventing the inventory of fixture to be made on the same day the renter leaves, the guarantee deposit will be sent par the owner within a one week delay maximum.

Article 11 – Use of the premises: The tenant will have to ensure the peaceful atmosphere of the rental and use it in accordance with the places’ destination.

Article 12 – Capacity: The current contract is determined for a capacity of two persons maximum. If the number of tenants is bigger than the accommodation capacity, the owner can turn down the additional persons.
Any modification or breach contract will be considered at the customer’s initiative.

Article 13 – Pets’ welcoming: The current contract stipulates that the renter cannot stay with his pet. In case of non compliance of this clause, the owner can reject the stay: No refund will be made.

Article 14 – Insurances: The tenant is responsible for all damages he could cause. For this kind of risks, he must be insured by a guarantee contract like the leisure one’s.
Article 15 – Payment of the expenses: At the end of his stay, the renter must pay to the owner all the fees non-included in the price.
Their amounts are set on the calculation basis indicated on this current contract and also in the descriptive sheet and a receipt will be given by the owner.

Article 16 – Litigations: Any claim relative to the inventory of fixtures and to the descriptive state during a rental, must be submitted to arbitration at the first place.